Days after announcing her engagement, Britney Spears has completely nuked her Instagram account. Yep, the platform where she has been the most active in posting and speaking to her devout fanbase over the last few months as she battles to gain control in her extensive conservatorship has been all but shut down.

Britney deactivated her Instagram on Wednesday morning – leaving all 34.1 million followers in the lurch. After fans clearly must have panicked a bit, Britney’s Twitter account followed it up with a tweet to say she was just stepping away from social media to celebrate her engagement, and promised she’ll “be back soon”.

Despite the tweet from her official account explaining her exit, many fans are still suspicious about Britney’s sudden departure from her Instagram, where she regularly posts selfies and videos of herself dancing. People within the Free Britney movement – who have been following her social media accounts and suspect that other people have posted on her behalf on Twitter in the past – aren’t buying the social media hiatus.

They’ve understandably got their haunches up about such a big shift in Britney’s online presence, especially considering she’s only nuked her Instagram (where she’s most autonomously active) and not yet her accounts on other platforms.

A source told Page Six that she’s “happy and in a great place”, and the source sees her sudden silence as a “powerful thing and a powerful message.”

Page Six also reported that Britney’s lawyer Mathew Rosengart has since come out and confirmed that Britney’s sabbatical from social media was indeed her decision, and not something enforced on her from her conservators.

Image: Getty Images / Matt Winkelmeyer / Instagram