A new deep dive into Britney Spears‘ lengthy conservatorship dropped over the weekend, revealing even more about the conditions the pop star has been living under the for last 13 years.

In a huge new investigation by the The New Yorker, more details of Britney’s life before and during the conservatorship have emerged, including claims she called emergency services the night before she faced the courts on June 23.

The whole deep dive into Britney’s life is lengthy and revealing, and includes detailed and alarming accounts from people who have been apparently removed from her orbit at the request of her father Jamie Spears.

The Conservatorship Was Granted In Top Speed

Jaqueline Butcher, a family friend of the Spears who was in attendance when Britney was stretchered to hospital a second time as a “code 5150” (a temporary, involuntary psychiatric commitment when someone is presenting a danger to themselves or others), said the day she joined Jamie and Lynne Spears to the courtrooms in Los Angeles, the process was fast.

“The whole process was maybe ten minutes,” Butcher said.

“No one testified. No questions were asked.

Butcher said she was expecting to have to provide more testimony and answer questions before the conservatorship was granted, but when they got there, Lynne apparently told her the whole thing was “taken care of”.

“A conservatorship was granted without ever talking to [Britney],” she said.

“And, whatever they claim about any input she had behind the scenes, how could you have assessed her then? Shouldn’t you wait a week, then interview her?

“She never had a chance.”

Britney’s Dad Has Been Heard Shouting “I Am Britney Spears”

When the conservatorship was being discussed, Britney’s father reportedly yelled “I am Britney Spears” after becoming agitated by Lynne’s suggestions on how the conservatorship should be managed.

Butcher told The New Yorker that when Lynne started suggesting how the conservatorship should look, Jamie began shouting about his control over Britney’s life, including the access Lynne would have to her daughter.

She also claimed that throughout the early years of the conservatorship, Jamie would repeatedly declare that he is Britney Spears.

Britney Would Borrow Strangers’ Phones To Contact People

In early 2009, Christina Lutfi, the younger sister of Britney’s former manager Sam Lutfi, attempted to deliver a prepaid mobile phone to Britney. She told The New Torker she covertly gave Britney a phone in the steam room of the Beverly Hills Hotel, which later got confiscated by a housekeeper.

It wasn’t the only time Britney tried to communicate with people outside of her conservatorship. Sam Lutfi also told The New Yorker that he’d “get a call every once in a while from her in a closet”.

He said the last time she had called him while at a grocery in Calabasas, and after she’d hung up he got another call from the same number, with a man dumbfounded that Britney Spears had asked to borrow his phone to make a call.

Britney is currently fighting to dissolve the conservatorship and the court is due to address the request on July 14.

Image: Getty Images / Alberto E. Rodriguez