Billie Eilish Has Blessed Us With A Sneaky Peek Of The Single She’s Dropping This Week

Billie Eilish is set to drop a brand new single this week – actually sometime this afternoon if my time calculations are correct. But before we get the whole thing, she’s decided to bless us all with a tiny little snippet of the track. And, as expected from the 18-year-old gothy-pop icon, it’s sombre, gloomy, and such a little tease of what’s to come in the next few hours.

Billie posted the sneak peek at the track on her Instagram this morning, and from the whole 20 seconds of audio, everyone’s gone and lost their damn minds over it.

The track’s called my future and follows the release of two tracks earlier this year – the equally-as-morose everything i wanted and the sweeping No Time To Die for the incoming James Bond film. But if we’re looking at this new single sitting alongside everything i wanted we’ve either potentially got two slower tracks of an incoming Billie Eilish album (EP? mixtape??) here or perhaps a whole release of stripped back, chilled out tracks to follow last year’s bop-heavy debut album.

Unless this track goes from the gentle, vocals-and-piano-only vibe to a huge beat drop and then a banger that rivals bad guy for explosiveness, of course.

Either way, I’ve been frantically figuring out the time difference for when Billie’s officially dropping the song. She says it’s at 4pm PST (her time in the US) which is a delightful 9am Friday for us over here on the Aussie east coast. I’m settling multiple alarms, just in case. And we’ll 100% let you know when that baby’s here.

Thank you, William Eyelash, you’ve turned my crappy day/week/month/year right around.