Billie Eilish Rips Into Rolling Stone For Leaking Her Track List In Now-Deleted Insta Story

L: Billie EIlish on a red carpet. R: Screenshot of Billie Eilish's Instagram Story saying 'fuck you @rollingstone'

Welp, it looks like someone at Rolling Stone is in BIG trouble. Billie Eilish has lashed out at the mag after they accidentally leaked the entire track list of her upcoming album Hit Me Hard And Soft.

The “What Was I Made For” singer (AKA our close and personal friend) shared the first look at her album artwork on Instagram earlier today. 


She continued: “So crazy to be writing this right now I’m nervyyyyy & exciteddd. Not doing singles I wanna give it to you all at once. Finneas and I truly could not be more proud of this album and we absolutely can’t wait for you to hear it. Love you love you love you.”

Here’s where it gets messy: while Billie shared imagery, the release date and name of the album, she notably didn’t share a track list. When Rolling Stone reported the news, they included the entire track list… and Billie is MAD. 

The musician shared one Instagram Story that simply read “fuck rolling stone”, before uploading another Instagram Story reading “fuck you guys @rollingstone”, along with a lil clown emoji for a bit of ~pizazz~. They’ve now been deleted, but screenshots are forever.

Rolling Stone has done a dirty delete of the track list from their original article, but eagle-eyed fans have already taken screenshots of their fuck-up

Two screenshots of Billie Eilish's Instagram Story reading 'fuck rolling stone' and 'fuck you guys @rollingstone'
Billie didn’t mince words. (Image: Instagram @billieeilish)

Billie Eilish’s fans react to her shady comments

It didn’t take long for fans to discuss this total shitshow, with one fan saying that Billie will “never tell them shit ever again”. 

“She’s so right. They ruined her plan. She wanted her fans to experience everything together. I hate it when they do that,” another added.

“I knew it was weird that we got the full track list,” a third wrote.

“It’s so rare nowadays to see pop stars with a backbone,” another said.

On Reddit, some fans were busy coming up with conspiracy theories, with one being that the entire saga has been a marketing ploy.

“I wonder if they did leak it or if she posted [the Instagram Story] and someone texted her ‘actually we sent them the track list sorry’ so she deleted it. I’m open to all conspiracy theories in this high stakes drama,” one user wrote.

“My theory is they’re both in on it knowing controversy sells,” another replied.

“Self leak. Then trying to gather publicity for it like there’s drama,” a third added. 

Whether it was a total fuck up or Billie has secretly been masterminding this entire thing, it looks like there’s so many more of us invested in this album release now. That’s showbiz, baby!