A Reminder That Grammy Gobbler Billie Eilish Sampled A Syd Pedestrian Crossing For ‘Bad Guy’

Unless you’ve been living under a noiseless rock over the past couple of weeks, you’d be well aware that Billie Eilish has been receiving a fucktonne of accolades. The first-ever solo female artist to win the Hottest 100? Yep. The youngest artist, as well? That too. How about doing a complete Grammy’s sweep, taking out the ‘top four’? Sure, why not? Chuck ’em on the pile.

[jwplayer jQ9F3zi6]

Well, as Billie and her mammoth track ‘Bad Guy’ keep adding bringing in the awards, I reckon it’s time to bring the tune back its humble roots and remind y’all that it actually featured a Sydney pedestrian crossing. Yep, that’s right. Look ma – we’re bloody famous.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, Billie talked about the discovery she made when out and about in Sydney. “Mum and I went for a walk in Sydney. We were, like, across the street from the hotel, and the crosswalk is this little…. like, you press it, and it’s like ‘doop’ ‘doop’, and I was like, ‘that’s hard’.”

What she wasn’t prepared for, while she waited to cross, was the inevitable sound the green pedestrian crossing would make. It freaked her out, she recorded it, named the file “grart”, and Finneas eventually distorted it for the “Bad Guy” drop. Voilà. We stan thrifty queens.

Check out the full breakdown of “Bad Guy” below. If you’re still caught up in all the countdown and awards ceremony hype, check out all the wild records broken in this year’s Hottest 100  and the full list of winners at this year’s Grammys (mostly Billie, TBH, which we love).