Billie Eilish Just Lost 100K Instagram Followers For Posting A Picture Of Some Boobs

billie eilish

Billie Eilish has lost one hundred thousand Instagram followers after posting a drawing of some boob and honestly, free the nipple, baby.

Eilish, 19, took to Instagram to share two stories showing off some artwork she had drawn, both of which included naked female bodies.

The photos were a part of *that* viral challenge that asks people to “post a picture of” different things in their life as requested by followers.

When asked to show off a drawing that she was proud of, Eilish shared a drawing that featured a full-page of the female anatomy – aka boobs.

“these probably lol i love boobs,” she captioned the story.

billie eilish

She was then asked to share her lock screen, which also featured a drawing of boobs.

Naturally, on account of the fact that everyone fkn HATES boobs apparently, Billie lost a whopping 100,000 Instagram followers.

Thankfully, she’s got 73 million of them, so a measly 100,000 isn’t much of a loss for the Bad Guy singer.

Following the loss, Billie called out those who ditched her, sharing a tweet alongside the caption “LMFAOOO y’all babies smh.”

Considering her huge following and astronomical success in the music industry at such a young age, I highly doubt that Billie actually cares about the small drop in followers. I mean, her music career is still thriving, so I don’t really think she needs to worry about a few former fans who don’t like boobs.