Australia Is Losing Its Mind Over Billie Eilish’s Hottest 100 Win But She’s Thinking About Donuts

billie eilish reacts

At just 18 years of Age, Billie Eilish just broke two records as both the youngest ever winner and the first ever solo female artist to win the Triple J Hottest 100, which is an absolutely phenomenal effort.

In her post-win interview, Billie once again proved to be the coolest 18-year-old on the planet.

“I love you, thank you guys, you did this, thank you for making my life what it is,” she began the interview from her bedroom.

She then went on to send her best wishes to Australia amid the ongoing bushfire crisis that’s still devastating the country.

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@billieeilish: “That’s insane. Thank you so much, it’s an honour” #Hottest100

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But the real kicker of her interview was her celebration plans, which are legitimately less exciting than my own Saturday night plans.

“This chat is how I’m celebrating. I have donuts in the fridge, I might go eat them.”


After breaking two records and topping the Hottest 100, she thinks she might just treat herself to a donut or two.

“I’m just trying to relax before the Grammys.”

But it’s okay, while Billie managed to keep her cool while relaxing in her bedroom at her family home, the rest of Australia collectively lost their shit.

Obviously, every “music expert” came out of the woodworks to point out that they’ve never even heard of Billie Eilish and that the song is fucking terrible, but who cares? Not Billie, that’s for sure.

We stan a record-breaking queen.