Billie Eilish Dropped A New Single With A Self-Directed Video Of Her Stealing Snacks In A Mall

new billie eilish song therefore i am

Happy Friday, Billie Eilish has bequeathed us mere plebs with a brand new shit-hot track, Therefore I Am.

The brand new track from the 18-year-old has her back on the slinky, bass-heavy dark pop – diving straight back into the essential Billie sound after pulling together the sombre No Time To Die for the incoming James Bond film, and my future back in July.

Therefore I Am is truly Billie’s signature demon pop on display here (is that a thing? I’m making it a thing), feeling it could be the next step after 2019’s monster hit in Bad Guy. It’s got a similar cadence and energy, encapsulating Billie’s wry humour and weaving it in with a hooky-as-fuck chorus that’s 100% gonna be in my head for ages.

There’s also something in that second verse and the way Billie mumbly-raps “articles, articles, articles” and “and it feels, and it feels, and it feels” that’s reminiscent to the rhythm and flow of Lil’ Pimp‘s Gucci Gang – and honestly after his MAGA hat-wearing “Little Pimp” display with Donald Trump, I know what song I’d prefer to get wedged into my brain.

Oh, and she also directed (and starred in) the video clip as well. I didn’t think I could stan harder, but here we are.

The new video has Billie Eilish hooning through California’s Glendale Galleria after hours, generally just being a teenage ratbag. As she sings and wanders through the deserted shopping mall that she spent many of her formative years in, she’s jumping kiosk benches and nicking delicious little treats like giant soft pretzels, doughnuts, fizzy drink, hot chippies, and a bag of nacho chips.

God, who amongst us hasn’t dreamed of going buck wild in a shopping mall after everything’s closed, just sampling all the delicious wares in the food court? You’re lying if you say you haven’t considered it.

Billie will also be performing Therefore I Am at the American Music Awards later this month (Nov 23, to be exact), where she’s up for two gongs – Favourite Social Artist and Favourite Artist – Alternative Rock. Twenty-One Pilots and our own boy Tame Impala are up for that second award there, which is just a real chaotic time.