A Single Pic Has Fans Thinking Bey’s Next Coachella Set Will Be V Different

Half a week later, the dust has not settled on Beyoncé‘s Coachella set – and if we all keep re-watching it and talking about it for as long as it rightfully deserves, the dust may stay well and truly within the air.

As our minds continue to comprehend the near-two hour display of talent, artistry and celebration of black history and culture, a question lingers: ‘how the hell can anyone do all that again?’

While we’re not doubting Beyoncé’s ability, – the very suggestion of which could send the Beyhive after me – it’s clear that the pure magic and constant surprise of the spectacle couldn’t be repeated again.

You really think Beyoncé would do the exact same set again?

There’s a tiny bit of evidence that her set for the second weekend of Coachella might be fairly different. The eager eyes & covert Beyhive over at Vulture screenshot a photo posted to Beyoncé’s website, which suggests the set list might get a bit of a shake up.

(Image credit: Beyonce.com/Vulture.com)

This behind the scenes pic seems to suggest some songs we didn’t hear during round one: ‘Upgrade U’, ‘End Of Time’, ‘Six Inch’ and two Destiny’s Child bangers, ‘Cater 2 U’ and ‘Bills Bills Bills’ (!!!).

Given all the songs we only got snippets of or didn’t hear at all in the performance, it’s safe to say there’s a lot left in the Beyoncé oeuvre – ‘Halo’, anyone?

It’s unlikely that too may massive changes/moments will take place during the set: Coachella’s second weekend isn’t livestreamed. Without the world watching round two, we’re guessing Beyoncé has already pulled out the big guns.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this article said the picture in question had been deleted from Beyoncé’s website. It was just hard-to-find.

Source: Vulture