Vince Staples Slams “Piece Of Fucking Shit” R. Kelly In Coachella Interview

Rapper Vince Staples has absolutely gone off at R. Kelly during an interview at Coachella, calling the 51-year-old singer “a child molester” and “a piece of fucking shit.”  

In a brief sit-down interview with Nadeska Alexis, the performer referenced Kelly’s alleged track record of sexual coercion, emotional abuse, and of housing several women in his Atlanta home in a cult-like environment.

Oh, Staples also referenced the time Kelly was acquitted of having sex with, and urinating on, an underage girl.

After Alexis touched on Staples’ ongoing probation, Staples said he was unlikely to be imprisoned due to the dichotomy between perceptions of black gangster rappers and other black entertainers, and he used Kelly as the example.

“Think about it… R. Kelly never went to jail, and he’s a fucking child molester,” Staples said, to Alexis’ apparent dismay.

“He’s a child molester. But I’m saying, if he’s a child molester, and he pees on people, and he can’t read and write, and he didn’t go to jail – I’m a good person. R. Kelly a piece of fucking shit. 

“So piece-of-fucking-shit R. Kelly didn’t go to jail for being a child molester, for peeing on people, and having a human trafficking ring in Atlanta, then I’ll be alright.”

The moment has understandably gone viral.

Staples has also reacted to the commentary surrounding his take by… posting this. 

FWIW, Kelly, who performed at Coachella as recently as 2013,  has “unequivocally” denied the allegations made against him.

You can catch the whole interview below: