Someone At Coachella Threw A Lemon At Ariana Grande, Probs Beyonce-Related

Since Beyonce‘s already-classic documentary Homecoming dropped on Netflix, all anyone will talk about is how hard-working the music artist is. We all knew it, but seeing it on screen, over the period of prep she went through for her iconic Coachella set? That was something else.

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Naturally, people are getting a bit protective of Bey and how much Coachella invested in the artist. It’s alleged to be around $8 million, which seems like a lot… until reports started coming in that other stars have copped the same, if not more, to headline the fest.

The first report from TheBlast was that Ariana Grande, who headlined this year, scored double what Beyonce did – copping $8 million (4 per weekend). That’s since been debunked in this Billboard article. Now, TooFab is reporting that The Weeknd was paid around $8 milli for his headline sets last year.

The thing is, Coachella organisers GoldenVoice won’t reveal the payments for the big names they recruit. Obviously. So we have no way of knowing for certain if all these figures being thrown around are 100% accurate. But the rumours were enough to fire up the BeyHive – possibly leading to this situation during Ari’s set this weekend.

Everyone’s assuming it’s Beyonce related, at least. For the unaware – Beyonce’s massive 2016 album was called Lemonade.

Good lord. Who knew Coachella could stir up so much drama?