Ariana Grande Brought Precious Middle-Aged Boy Band N*SYNC To Coachella

The main headliner for Coachella Day Three is the one and only Ariana Grande and after a heavily rumoured appearance from 90s heartthrob boy band N*SYNC, it just bloody well happened, didn’t it.

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The final set of the first weekend of Coachella has just finished up on the main stage (and was live streamed on YouTube) and after barely three songs in, Ari brought out her first guests of the evening – every member of N*SYNC apart from Justin Timberlake.

Which…I mean can you really call that N*SYNC? Or is it just Joey Fatone and friends?

Essentially taking the spot of JT front and centre in the group, Ariana and the 45-year-old man band (let’s be real we can’t call them a boy band now that they’re grown-ass men) busted through a rendition of ‘Tearin’ Up My Heart‘ including thoroughly 90s choreography and some deeply terrible body-rolls from a bunch of blokes who probably aren’t as flexible as they were back in ’98.

At one point in time, Joey Fatone (I think) picks up Ari on the catwalk and runs back to the main stage with her in his arms which I can only assume has thrown his back out entirely because who can even do that in their 20s let alone when you’re 42? WHO?

In truth, the N*SYNC lads have aged reasonably well. Lance Bass doesn’t look a day over 35 so I assume his close shave with going to space gave him some kind of incredible powers. JC Chasez‘ hair looks like it hasn’t moved since 1999, which is a feat unto its own.

Either way, I can tell you will full confidence that if photos had a scent, this one would reek of Hugo Boss, cigarettes, and Dencorub.