Justin Bieber Danced Like A Drunk Dad At Coachella So You Don’t Have To

Look there are not many more people that we can see enjoying the shit out of Coachella than Justin Bieber. As well as taking matters into his own hands in a situation at a festival party and leading worship at a pop-up church service on Sunday morning, people have been spotting the Canadian darling just having a bloody grouse time.

He’s been snapped having a dance to a few acts, making up little synchronised dances to music played between sets, and generally just enjoying the shit out of the festival.

What do ya know, he’s just like us.

Sporting a very summer-festival-chic button-up short-sleeved shirt and matching shorts with a garish pink bucket hat and a bag slung across his body, anyone would mistake the fella for a cock-eyed Aussie bloke screaming “YEAH THE BOOOOOIIIYYYYEEEEESS!!!!” at every moment there’s a lull in the music. One of us ONE OF US.

Bloody cop a load of this fella, out here having a belter of a time and not giving a rat’s ass who sees him. What a bloody legend. I can only imagine he was also the guy that danced literally everywhere he went. Waiting for a drink? Perfect moment to show off your best minimal shuffling. Walking between stages? Get in some of that pointing-at-the-sky-like-Adonis arm work in. Line for the toot? My friend that’s a time to get a bit of on-the-spot gabba in. Waiting on the barrier for the next act? Work some half-squats into your choreography. You can dance everywhere, mates, and it’s free.


Bless Beibs for being the unsuspecting gem amongst all the stories coming out of the dusty Californian desert and just truly living his best life/feeling his precious oats.