A Very Pregnant Cardi B Just Destroyed What Was Left Of Coachella 2018

While we’re still reeling from Beyoncé‘s game-changing set last night, a visibly pregnant Cardi B just gave a face-melting mid-afternoon performance at Coachella. 

Running through tracks from her debut album ‘Invasion Of Privacy‘ (which hit #1 on the US Billboard charts when it dropped last week), Cardi B objectively proved what we’re all coming to realise: she’s incredibly talented.

(And if you haven’t realised this yet, you gotta watch back this set.)

We’re completely obsessed with everything that happened.

First, there’s the white jewel-encrusted outfits Cardi B and her crew of dancers wore. Combined with Cardi’s Left Eye-esque side pony tails, the garb’s undoubtably a nod to TLC.

Speaking of her dancers, they went very hard, climbing the metal scaffolding at the back of the stage, dancing upside down.

(Image credit: Coachella/Youtube.com)

Excuse me??? (Image credit: Coachella/Youtube.com) 

Apologies – I was so distracted by the pure theatrics I forgot to mention her guests.

Almost all of her album’s feature artists came out to do their verses, including YG (for “She Bad”), Kelhani (for “Ring”), 21 Savage (for “Bartier Cardi”) and Chance The Rapper (for “Best Life”). G-Easy also came out for a rendition of his Cardi-featuring track “No Limit“.

My personal highlight was ‘She Bad‘, where she mostly let YG take over and danced it out,  It’s also just such a good song, purely for the lines ‘she bad, she bad, dat ass, dat ass, Prada bag, Prada bag, Gucci bag, Gucci bag, she bad, she bad‘.

A moment. (Image credit: Coachella/Youtube.com)

Post-twerking, Cardi announced “that’s how I got pregnant y’all“. Half-way through the set, she also joked about being pregnant, saying “I’m running out of breath, you know my pregnant ass.” That did not stop her in the slightest.

We shouldn’t be surprised that Cardi brings it. It was her slapping SNL performance two weeks ago where we learnt she was expecting a baby with rapper Offset, after hiding it presumably for months.

Some other rapper is set to headline the final night of the festival’s first weekend. His name is M&M or something. Whatever, it’s Cardi’s world now.

Image: Coachella/Youtube.com