Friendly Reminder: Beyoncé’s Performing At Coachella Right Now

After pulling out of Coachella 2017 because she was pregnant with Sir and Rumi Carter, Beyoncé has finally taken to the Coachella stage and people are freaking the fuck out. The queen is possibly the biggest act people have been looking forward to on Day Two… or the whole weekend so yeah here’s a friendly reminder you’re about to lose your shit.

Post Malone, the poor lad, was up first before Beyoncé for his first ever Coachella performance and the dude copped a spanking on Twitter for continuously saying “my next song is…” when he started running into Beyoncé’s scheduled set time.

The Bee Hive are passionate fans, to say the least.

But let’s be real, everything’s running a little behind schedule because this is a live concert after all AKA nothing’s on time. But she’s here, she’s looking fabulous, and so powerful.

Apparently, there are going to be a hundred dances, there’s going to be a special guest (Jay-Z or Destiny’s Child reunion? Blue Ivy!?). Joining Lady Gaga, Queen Bey will one of the only women to headline a main act at Coachella in a decade.

Anywhoo, you can catch the live stream here.

Hopefully the promos and random interviews are done – never mind, she’s on stage now and looks fucking flawless – GO AND EXPERIENCE THIS GLORY.


Tomorrow there’s Eminem, ODESZA, Portugal. The Man, Cardi B, Vance Joy, Lany, LION BABE, Gabe Real just to name a few.