Adele Leads The Pack Of Celebrity Reactions To Beyoncé’s Era-Defining Set

Last night, Beyoncé utterly eclipsed Coachella with a two-hour set that reunited Destiny’s Child, honoured black history, and had everyone ready and prepped to enrol in #HBeyCU.

But one of the most pure Beyoncé fans wasn’t even at the festival. Adele was at home (probably), watching the thing on livestream like everyone else who couldn’t afford to head out to the desert, and lost her absolute shit at Queen Bey.

She uploaded a series of videos doing peak Adele dancing while Bey performed in the background, and it’s honestly just the best thing.

Here she is, ready to sign up to marching band and rock the fuck out.

Here she is again, attempting to do what Beyoncé and her magnificent thighs make look impossibly easy but which is basically impossible for mere mortals.

And here she is again, with the classic Bey hair flip. You know what would happen if I did that? I’d fall over within 2 seconds. Adele manages to keep it up for at LEAST 3, and Beyoncé continues to hit every note and prove she’s the greatest living performer of our time.

Adele – who basically apologised to Beyoncé after winning Album of the Year at the 2017 Grammys – isn’t the only celebrity Bey fan.

Rihanna didn’t post anything, but here she is front row absolutely living her best life.

If you missed that performance, here’s a tiny little taster of just what you missed.