Aqua’s Barbie Girl Banger Won’t Be In Margot Robbie’s Barbie Flick Which Is Not Fantastic

Aqua’s 1997 bubblegum dance BANGER ‘Barbie Girl’ will not be appearing in Margot Robbie‘s live-action Barbie film. To this we say “come on, Barbie. Let’s go get a bloody refund”.

“The song will not be used in the movie,” confirmed Ulrich Møller-Jørgensen — the manager of Aqua’s lead singer Lene Nystrøm in an interview with VarietyBooooo!

Fans had previously been keen as a bean to hear their fav 90s choon in the film which is set to be released in 2023.

The ‘Barbie Girl’ song itself has clocked over a billion views on YouTube and became the unofficial Barbie anthem despite having no commercial ties to the doll.

Aqua is a Danish-Norwegian pop group which basically became the best 90s time capsule you could imagine.

Honestly, just suss that music video and tell me the spikey hair, obnoxiously bright colour palette and autotune ‘Barbie Girl’ pop sound doesn’t reek of 90s aesthetics.

The fact that it wasn’t authorised by toy company Mattel likely had a lot to do with why the song won’t be featured in the new flick.

Aqua and Mattel have an extremely unfriendly history which involves a lot of time taking each other to court.

The toy company filed a lawsuit for trademark infringement against Aqua’s distributor MCA Records (which is now a subset of Universal Music) back in 1997 according to Rolling Stone.

In their court filing, Mattel alleged that Aqua’s song conveyed “a promiscuous Barbie doll sing[ing] in a flirtatious tone” who appeared alongside a “licentious (AKA: promiscuous) Ken doll respond[ing] “kiss me here, touch me there” as per Variety.

Ai Ai Ayeee!

Mattel eventually lost the trademark lawsuit in 2002 as per Billboard after MCA argued ‘Barbie Girl’ could be considered “parody” and was therefore protected under the first amendment.

MCA then counter-sued Mattel for defamation regarding remarks made by Mattel during the trial but the court threw the case out.

What a fkn mess. Yay America!