The first teaser trailer for the upcoming Barbie film starring Margot Robbie as the plastic fantastic lead has officially landed. For real this time.

Before Saturday, the only way you could catch the trailer was in the US before a screening of Avatar: The Way Of Water. Now it’s all over the internet for our viewing pleasure.

TBH it feels surreal to finally have a proper glimpse at the flick.

When the trailer was exclusively showing before Avatar, sneaky moviegoers had been filming it and uploading it online for the rest of the world to enjoy for a brief moment before they’d get taken down.

We were lucky enough to catch one of the bootlegged vids so cop a look at the collection we amassed below.

The teaser for the Greta Gerwig film paid homage to the “dawn of man” scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey, where a young girl is sitting in a dusty, barren scene looking up at the monolithic legs of Robbie’s Barbie towering before her.

Robbie’s dressed in the original 1959 Barbie look complete with a striped swimsuit, white cat eye sunglasses and a tight pin-curled fringe. The dawn of Barbie right before our very eyes. A masterpiece.

We were then treated to a series of scene flashes from the upcoming film including Barbie in a pink gingham dress stepping out and waving at what looks like a sprawling Mattel metropolis. It’ was as if someone got every single iteration of the Barbie Dreamhouse and created an entire city out of them.

Barbie in full party mode was a mood.

There were also shots of Ryan Gosling as Ken in what looks like a Zoolander cross martial arts outfit and Simu Liu dancing in a ’50s-style greaser scene.

Barbie is slated to land in cinemas on July 20, 2023 and we cannot bloody wait.

Image: YouTube: Warner Bros Australia