Aqua Made An Acoustic Version Of Barbie Girl On TikTok Because Life In Plastic, It’s Fantastic

Remember that band Aqua: who sang smash hits like Barbie Girl, Dr Jones and Happy Boys & Girls? Yeah well more than 20 years after their hey day, they are now on TikTok with an incredible acoustic version of ‘Barbie Girl’.

When The Very Best Of Hits For Kids: Volume 1 – 2003 came out on CD, all my friends (and me) HAD to have it.

It is on that very CD that I discovered the Aqua’s smash hit ‘Barbie Girl’, and a love for the song was born. My parents probably wanted to kill me for playing this song and ‘S Club Party’ on repeat, but you can’t tell me you didn’t do the same.

Watching this TikTok brought back all those memories of serenading my Beanie Kids using my electric hair braider as a microphone (if you know, you know.) I know want YOU to feel the same.


The acoustic song, u didn’t know u needed 😘 #zurückzurmusik #backtothe90s #aquadk @officialrenedif

♬ original sound – Aqua

Aqua have also made some other pretty entertaining TikTok vids, like rating their old outfits and GOD I miss the 2000s. To be fair I was barely a human back then and can hardly recall that era at all, BUT I love how insane pop culture was back then.


How would u rate our old looks? 💙 #zurückzurmusik #backtothe90s #aqua @officialrenedif @sorenrasted

♬ original sound – Aqua

And just in case you want to relive ‘Barbie Girl’ one more time, here’s the vid.

You’re welcome.

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