Ball Park Music Belted Out An Iconic Powderfinger Hit For ‘Like A Version’

Folks, sometimes your Like a Version doesn’t necessarily need to be a complete tear-down job. Sure, it’s great when acts come in and they’ve taken a song dear to them, reinterpreted it through their own creative visions, and presented something new and fresh; a hot spin on an old favourite. The remixes, the re-arrangements, the re-workings… they’re all well and good. But sometimes, just sometimes, you gotta do what Ball Park Music have done.

Sometimes you’ve gotta come in with an absolute banger, and you’ve gotta thrash that badboy out like it’s 3am in your living room and the record is spinning at ungodly volumes.

The Brisbane-based group visited ye olde Triple J studios this morning and brought maximum Queensland with them, tearing through a faithful rendition of Powderfinger‘s enduring anthem ‘My Happiness‘ that was so close to home they might as well have recorded the dang thing on Vulture Street.

Put yr plugger-wearing feet up, crack open a Milton Mango, and enjoy this one, mates. It’s an absolute ripper.

Eight in a row, to you. A very good eight in a row to you all.