Powderfinger Gives In And Releases Flood Relief Song

Despite the genuinely harrowing circumstances of the Queensland flooding, it seemed kinda manipulative of Independent Queensland MP Rob Messenger to rally for a Powderfinger reunion by playing the guilt card.

After the waters rose to destructive levels on January 6, Messenger said: “This is a once-in-hundred-year natural disaster, Powderfinger is Queensland music. Queensland needs them right now.”

Today it’s been revealed that the Brisbane rock band have caved and will be releasing a never before heard track, which they announced via a statement on the band website:

“There have been some suggestions in the press for us to reform and play a charity concert, and while flattering, we would like to politely decline. We played together for the last time in November and intend to keep it that way. We do however want to help so we are currently planning to release a never-before-heard Powderfinger song with all proceeds going towards raising the hopes and finances of those recovering from the disaster.”

Fans of the ‘Finger are advised to stand by.

Via triple j