Gang Of Youths’ ‘Like A Version’ Could Well Be The Best Of 2017 So Far

The Middle East remain one of the most criminally underrated bands in recent Australian music memory, but make no mistake about it: covering them and doing it justice is a hell of a task. But as it turns out, Gang of Youths is more than up to it.

The Sydney-based group got the rare treat of using the big studio at Triple J for this morning’s Like a Version, and it’s a damn good thing they did too; you can’t exactly fit a half-orchestra into the regular broadcasting studio with Ben & Liam.

The group brought a full string section along to help them tear through The Middle East’s stupendously good and enduring track ‘Blood,’ and more than honoured the original by matching its soaring vocals and track-long crescendo right up to *that* euphoric closing hook.

It’s a brilliantly executed take on one of the best songs to come out of Australia in a dang long time. Absolutely do yourselves a favour and hit play immediately, your Friday will be all the better for it.

Follow THAT, every one else on the Like a Version schedule for the rest of the year.