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Your boy Bernard Fanning had a big ol’ ace up his sleeve when he headed onstage at Splendour‘s Amphitheatre today – the rest of his god damn rock legend Australian hero band, Powderfinger

Triple J had hinted at the news just half an hour beforehand, tweeting:

But the surprise was still massive enough to send people literally sprinting to the main stage, with the crowd reportedly doubling for the band’s first show in a massive seven years. SEVEN YEARS!

The punters are goin’ absolutely nuts, and frankly, who could blame ’em.

One moment it’s Bernard Fanning. The next it’s frickin’ Powderfinger. Ten years on from last playing #splendourinthegrass, the boys whip out On My Mind and These Days.

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It’s been an age since we’ve seen them. How bloody good.

Image: Twitter / @mcbridesride.