Powderfinger Just Changed Up All Their Socials & We Are Bernard Fanging To Know What’s Up

Keep alert but not alarmed, because it seems like there’s something rumbling in the waters over at the country’s fave band of dads, Powderfinger. What’s the go there, Bernie? What’s going on my friends?

Keen eyes noticed this morning that the band updated their profile images on Facebook and Instagram, switched out their header image on FB and updated their page with a “keep updated” option, setting alarm bells off for ‘Finger fans.

And we all know that once a band or artist decides to change the aesthetic of their socials in one swoop, something’s up. It is internet law, I’m pretty sure.

Me, trying to find out WTF is going on.

Someone get Bernard Fanning on the blower, I wanna know what’s going on here. Are they going to give us what we all deserve in this difficult time and do a proper reunion? Is there new music happening? Is there some kind of retrospective on the horizon? Are they headlining that potential All-Aussie Falls Fest?

Looking at the picture they’ve chosen for both Insta and FB, it comes across as something that was shot back in the Oddessy Number Five days. Which was released in 2000. That’s 20 years ago, mates. Maybe we’re getting a re-issue (likely) and maybe some unreleased tracks like they did for Internationalist back in 2018, but also I want my music dads to get the band back together to celebrate, thanks.

It’s also been ten years this year since their ~final show~ in Brisbane. (Apart from that cheeky get-together at Splendour a couple of years back.)

Hell, get back together and play that album cover to cover. Now THAT would be huge.

Whatever’s happening over at Camp Powderfinger, it better be good. You can’t just get everyone all worked up for a vinyl repress, that’s too much of a tease.

Now, while we wait for whatever the fuck is clearly happening here, join me in listening to that iconic album that fully soundtracked the first summer of the new millennium.

God, it’s a good one.