Hamish Blake went over to his mate, Melbourne radio producer Jack Post‘s place over the weekend to casually help with some DIY.

Or at least that was what he was supposed to do. Instead he got his kid, the incredibly cute and multi-talented Sonny Blake, to do the paint job for him.

Look at this Instagram of four-year-old Sonny with a very tiny paint roller. Look at that very worksafe hard hat. Look at those temporary tattoos. The kid is TOUGH.

Click through and Sonny has turned the roller on his dad, while his little sister, one-year-old Rudy, looks on, bemused.

Here’s Blake’s caption in full ‘cos this family are fkn precious:

Well @jackpost finally caved and admitted he couldn’t build a house all by himself with just his wife and YouTube, and he called in the professionals. Takes a big man to admit he’s in over his head mate, happy to rescue you! I was exhausted by the end of it, but we got the house up. 

Blake also turned the family renovation outing into a coupla Stories, featuring his son, the future foreman, bidding Post goodbye with a firm handshake.

Image source: Instagram / @hamishblakeshotz.

And also checking his imaginary wristwatch because Post is just taking the piss now, wasting his time:

Image source: Instagram / @hamishblakeshotz.

In other Blake family news, mummo Zoë Foster Blake alsogot snap happy when Sonny scored a seafaring face makeover this weekend. It is so deeply wholesome, and was originally paired with Stories featuring the work in progress. They’ve expired but.

So all we have left is this, captioned: “Thought I’d give face painting a go!  It was terrible so I wiped it off and let the professional do it.

Only delightful family-friendly content here, folks.

Source: 9Honey
Image: Instagram / @hamishblakeshotz