Hamish Blake Spent All Night On An Epic Light-Up Cave Of Wonders Cake For Sonny’s B’Day

Doting dad Hamish Blake always goes the extra mile for his son’s birthday cakes. In previous years, his creations have included Slimer from Ghostbuters, belching actual slime, and a dinosaur with moving parts.

This year, little Sonny Blake had a complicated request – he wanted a light-up Cave of Wonders, the set-piece from Disney‘s Aladdin, and he wanted it to glow from the mouth and eyes.

“It’s that time of year again where I pledge to my son I will make whatever birthday cake his heart desires using only determination and blind optimism!” Hamish wrote of the daunting task.

“I have a little idea brewing involving a very powerful torch I own for when I frequently go camping, so I’m getting pumped.”

On Saturday night, the cake-baking kicked off live on his Instagram stories.

There was a lot of heavy planning and conceptualising.

Hamish Blake is a man who knows a thing or two about Lego, so the cake’s inner support-system was made around that. It’s important for any Cave of Wonders to be structurally sound!

Decisions were made around gold leaf.

Things got dicey.

Deep in the night, Hamish’s back was hurting, but he was determined not to tap out.

When the icing went on, the cake really started to take shape.

In fact, he actually bloody nailed it.

As ever, we salute Hamish Blake for his cake-baking skills, and wish Sonny a happy birthday!