Hamish Blake, the honorary king of kids birthday cakes, is back at it again with his first shot at a cake for nearly-3-year-old daughter Rudy tonight.

In a video on his IGTV, Blake described his grand plans for a pooping unicorn cake. But unfortunately, he’s had to do a quick, last-minute pivot because Rudy decided she wants a “sheepy” cake instead.

“A new chapter begins. My daughter turns 3 tomorrow. I was all set to make her a unicorn cake that pooped out glittery little (chocolate) turds. Then I learnt a harsh lesson in client/agency dynamics as she last minute changed the brief,” Blake captioned the post.

“Tonight I will be making a far less exciting cake, but it’s the one she wants and there’s no changing her mind. As always, I have very little idea how this will go apart from knowing there will be drinking involved. As always, you’re welcome to join on stories. Think I’ll start throwing icing around about 8.”

If you’re wondering what the absolute fuck a “sheepy” is, it’s Rudy’s stuffed toy, which is essentially a piece of fabric with a head.

Blake’s previous works include an Aladdin cake and a Dinosaur cake for his son Sonny.

As always, we can expect copious amounts of alcohol, a couple of fuck ups and what we can only assume will be an incredible cake at the end of it.

You can tune in to Blake’s Cakes on his Instagram live from roughly 8pm tonight.

Hamish, my dude, good luck.