Cool Dad Hamish Blake Is Once Again Attempting To Create A Bizarre Cake For His Son’s Birthday

Cool dad and chaotic human Hamish Blake is once again attempting to make a bizarre cake to one of his kid’s exact specifications. This time around, it’s for Blake’s 7 year old son Sonny, who has asked for a Pikachu cake coming out of a Pokeball.

Each year, Blake documents his cake baking journey on his Instagram stories, creating all sorts of wondrous things from Ghostbuster’s Slimer which belched actual slime, a dinosaur with moving parts, Aladdin’s cave of wonders and a sheepy cake for his daughter Rudy.

This year’s treat is no small feat, and it actually left Hamish wondering whether this would finally be the year the cake goes belly up.

“Tonight. Is. Cake Night,” Blake captioned the post.

“This is me receiving some of the brief from my boy for his 7 year old birthday cake. This the 5th year in the row I have tried to fulfil the prophecy that I will make him ‘any cake he desires’

“This year the client has really gone to town in the scope of works. It’s a Pikachu. He’s coming out of a Pokeball (that’s a Pokémon thing, not a bowl of brown rice and salmon and cabbage).

“There is jelly in the Pokeball. There is smoke. It goes “pfffft” when it opens. Pikachu has his hand up for a high five.”

If chaotic good was a person it would be Hamish Blake. The man stays up until almost dawn to bake these cakes for his children. But he does it all for love! Aww!!

“Look we all know I’m due for a crash and burn on a cake, but I will be giving it my best on stories tonight,” he added in the Instagram caption.

You can check out Blake’s progress so far here.