Australia’s Favourite National Holiday ‘Hamish Blake Cake Day’ Is Back For An Airbending Sequel

Hamish Blake is once again continuing his annual tradition of making an elaborate cake for his kiddo Sonny and documenting it all on Instagram. At this point “Hamish Blake Cake Day” is essentially an Australian national holiday.

We’ve seen Hamish attempt some absolutely stonking cakes, including “sheepy” in 2020 and a unicorn LEGO cake in 2021 for his daughter Rudy.

This year’s Hamish Blake cake is set to be based on Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender (the OG series, not the film. Phew). An excellent choice from Sonny if you ask me.

But the cake baking faced some challenges this year.

Hamish Blake and his wife Zoe Foster Blake attended a charity ball in the middle of the baking time. Zoe is an ambassador for the charity — hence this year, a two-part baking extravaganza.

In commitment to the bit which even Great British Bake-Off’s Paul Hollywood would appreciate, Blake moulded figures out of icing at the ball. Now, why do we never see that in Bridgerton?

After a very stressful pre-charity-ball baking sesh, Hamish managed to pull together the water symbol. I think… It definitely has the word “water” written below so let’s just roll with it.

Upon returning from the function, Hamish continued work on the cake powered by an undying love for his children and a few glasses of top-shelf liquor. The diet of kings.

The next things on the elemental agenda were air and fire.

Last but not least, the jewel atop the sugary Hamish Blake cake crown — Aang himself.


The finished product finally arrived in the wee hours of the morning.

It truly was a sight to behold.

This brings us to the conclusion of Australia’s newest and funniest public holiday — Hamish Blake Cake Day.

We wish a happy Hamish Blake Cake Day to those who celebrate and hope that we see you again next year for the next instalment.

Same place, same time, same sugary antics.