Hamish Blake Is Making Another ‘Fucking Ridiculous’ B-Day Cake Tonight, As A Lockdown Treatie

Hamish Blake

If there’s one thing that can make me smile during my fifth lockdown (haHAHhahaHAhaha), it’s Hamish Blake making yet another seemingly impossible cake for one of his adorable kids. That’s right, folks – tonight is CAKE NIGHT.

Credit where credit is due, Hamish really can do the impossible here. Back in May for Sonny‘s seventh birthday, the father of two was tasked with making a Pikachu cake coming out of a Pokeball.

Honestly, I really didn’t think Hamish was going to pull it off. It was one hell of a cake, but he did it. He bloody did it.

Instagram / @hamishblakeshotz

Incredible, fantastique, art!

But this next one – pwoarh. 

Rudy is turning four tomorrow so, as per tradition, Hamish is going to spend all of tonight and the wee hours of tomorrow morning putting her cake together.

“In accordance with the family lore I have pledged to make her whatever cake she wants,” Hamish explained on Instagram.

“Somehow it’s become a thing that the cakes are getting more and more elaborate and this worries me – essentially it’s become like a battle between a design firm and a really difficult client.”

So, what has Rudy requested this year?

Watch… and pray for Hamish.

In case you missed that very detailed order: Ruby has requested a unicorn cake, flapping its wings, plus the extra addition of a cloud hanging above the unicorn, raining glitter.

“And the cloud is just floating – NOT on the cake, and just floating,” Rudy instructed in the video.

Oh, and the unicorn has to have a rainbow coming out of its mouth.

“This year, to be honest, and with a whole universe of love for my favourite tiny girl in the world: it’s gotten fucking ridiculous,” Hamish wrote on Instagram, which sums up this cake quite nicely.

So if you (Melbourne and Sydney) don’t have much to do tonight, Hamish Blake will be baking up a storm around 7.30pm on Instagram, and we’re all invited.

“Swing by if a man panicking about an uneven cake cloud (I’m guessing a likely issue here) is your idea of lockdown fun.”

Godspeed, Hamish. Godspeed.

P.S. Pop on over to Hamish’s Instagram story highlights to watch the entire Pikachu saga. It really is quality lockdown viewing.

You can catch the full breakdown (including that of Hamish’s mental state) of his new cake creation here.