ICYMI: There Was No Father’s Day Tribute Better Than Sonny Blake’s To Hamish

Sorry everyone else’s children, including my own blood relatives, but Sonny Blake, son of Hamish and Zoë Foster-Blake continues his reign as the cutest child in all of Australia. 

Every time you might start to think that at some point he is going to stop being cute, he comes out with something new and adorable that establishes his dominance. It’s not a competition obviously, but he is winning anyway.

The latest instalment in this long line of killing-me-with-cute happened yesterday, when Hamish posted a video of his son talking to him about Father’s Day, and giving Hamish a review of his parenting skills. Please won’t someone stop this child, he will be the cause of my death.


If you enjoyed that (and if you didn’t I would take myself off to the nearest doctor to make sure my heart hadn’t been cut out if I were you), take a gander at the rest of the adorable things we’ve heard from this angel.

We are assuming that Sonny’s new sister will one day challenge him for the crown of cutest child, but for now he is simply using her to remain number one.

Never change, kid.