WATCH: The Foster-Blake’s Are Really Getting Into Knock-Off Drinks & We Love To See It

hamish blake

Hamish Blake & Zoë Foster-Blake are basically Australia’s mum and dad at this point. They’re who we look up to as relationship goals, parent goals, whatever goals. LIFE goals.

I’m sure things aren’t peachy-keen for them 24/7 but goddammit, it does seem like they have an eternally good time together.

Their latest Instagram video involves knock-off martinis, and while their post work bev enjoyment is centred around finishing a long week of home-schooling – for the two cutest children in Australia, Rudy and Sonny – the vibe is really all of us, every night, during lockdown.

I’m gonna just say that I am yet to be bothered making an actual cocktail and am more likely to be found with an ice-filled RSL pour of wine, watching Grey’s Anatomy and crying, than I am to be found with a chilled martini dancing with my non-existent life partner… but hey, the energy is a vibe.

This plus Hamish’s Zoom drop-ins are really getting us through isolation.