Pack It In: The Foster-Blake Fam Dressed As The ‘Seinfeld’ Cast Won Halloween

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Anyone can put together a Halloween individual costume. Putting together a good individual Halloween costume takes work. Putting together a good Halloween couples costume takes even more work. Putting together a good Halloween entire-family costume? The hardest work of all. But the rewards? The rewards are incredible.

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Sure, you could get some store-bought matching Official Licensed Merchandise costumes and be met with mild praise. Or you could go for the grail. You could dress your entire damn family as the main cast of Seinfeld.

This is what the Foster-Blakes have done, with a level of understated perfection that is the signature of a well-done costume. The simplicity, the conciseness, the instant recognisability, the low effort to high reward ratio — all hallmarks of a job well done.

Look. Look at this:

Or, if you would prefer to see it in a version where Sonny and Rudy are terrifyingly scaled up roughly to the size of their Seinfeld counterparts, have a look at how their costumes were shown off on Hamish’s Instagram:

Honestly, some adorably haunting likenesses going on there, although it does kinda help that George Costanza already looks like a giant baby.