Aldi has announced its upcoming Special Buys is – wait for it – a GARDENING SPECIAL. None of us need more plants in the house, but we’d be an idiot not to take advantage of this b-e-a-u-tiful sale.

The Gardening Special Buys will kick off Wednesday, 17 March at Aldi (next week!!!), so you have some time to make some space in the ol’ bedroom/kitchen/bathroom/wherever you put your plants.

Folks, the range of indoor or outdoor plants and packet seeds are priced between $1.29 and $19.99. LOVE to hear it.

The best part is there’s something for every kind of green thumb out there. If you’re a beginner, try a succulent ($4.99). I, myself, am not a beginner, but a serial plant killer. In saying that, I have been doing quite well with a simple succulent on my bedside table for the past year, so I 14/10 recommend the little succers. Plus, Aldi is stocking the shelves full of different kinds of succulents and I want them all.

Look at this one!

Credit: Aldi.

Not to mention, the range also includes everything you need to grow your own goodies, from ActiveGrow Soil ($4.99 for 25l) to pruning shears ($4.99) and premium garden gloves ($7.99).

My dad is going to have an absolute Time next week, tell ya what.

Items in-store will vary between states, but you’ll definitely find these beauties in all Aussie shops:

  • Assorted packet seeds (herbs, flowers, and vegetables), $1.29
  • Ferns (90mm), $3.99
  • Succulents (65mm), $4.99
  • ActiveGrow soil (25l), $4.99
  • Pruning shears, $4.99
  • Fruit and citrus spray + fruit and citrus food, $5.99
  • Trigger spray nozzle, $5.99
  • Premium garden gloves, $7.99
  • Assorted packet bulbs (Daffodil, Dutch Iris, Jonquil, Ranunculus, Freesia, Tulip Mix, and more), $7.99
  • Gardening clogs, $9.99
  • Button mushroom growing kit, $16.99 (!!!!!)
  • Walk-in greenhouse, $49.99
  • Grow table, $89.99

The grow table, in case you’re wondering, is basically what it sounds like, with natural timber legs.

I love, love, love the grow table. It’s perfect for that one empty corner in the backyard/balcony, you know the one I’m talking about.

In stores across NSW, ACT, SA, QLD, VIC, you can also get your hands on string of pearls or beans for $9.99. I love string of pearls, they’re bloody hard to grow and maintain, but they’re so much fun to play with.

Once again, the Aldi’s Special Buys Gardening special kicks off Wednesday, 17 March. Keep your eyes peeled for the full catalogue on the Aldi site.

Image: Netflix / Fate: The Winx Saga