There’s A Fucking Massage Chair In Next Week’s Aldi Special Buys, So BRB Adding To Cart

aldi massage chair

Aldi is slinging a massage chair as part of next week’s Special Buys catalogue, so thats where I’ll be spending the rest of isolation.

Let’s face it, life is pretty stressful right now, and thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, you can’t book in for a massage. But thankfully, for the measly price of $249, you can be relaxing the luxury of the Aldi massage chair.

Honestly, what better way to spend isolation than stretched out on your massage chair binge-watching Netflix?

“Treat yourself with a massage at home as often as you wish with this comfortable massage chair with electronic functions,” the product description reads.

Go on, treat yourself. Isolation sucks, you deserve it.

The chair features both massage and vibrating functions, and even heats up, in case you’ve forgotten what the warmth of another human body feels like as we enter yet another week in social isolation.

aldi massage chair

Considering a massage chair will usually set you back at least $1,000, this bad boy is an absolute steal at less than $250.

But if you’re not quite ready for the commitment of a whole chair, Aldi still has your back with various smaller massaging utensils like this foot massager that only *slightly* looks like it would suck your legs into a whole new dimension.

The massage chair, and the rest of the massage tools go on sale as part of the Special Buys catalogue on Wednesday May 6.