HELP: Aldi Are Doing That Cast Iron Cookware Sale Again & It’s All Under $30

If you’re anything like me, lockdown has made you think you’ve got a strong chance at being a Masterchef contender next year. Even if all you can make is spag bol. All I think about is kitchenware. And today, all I think about is Aldi doing their cast iron cookware sale again.

Aldi’s Special Buys have long been known as the time to buy fancy shit for cheap. You know how Aldi food often rivals it’s three-times-more-exxy counterparts? Same too with their Special Buys.

Cast iron cookware costs a BOMB normally, but there’s a reason for it – it lasts forever, cooks your meals evenly, and maybe infuses stews, soups and casseroles with unicorn tears. I don’t know. SOMETHING happens in there that doesn’t happen in a regular pot.

During the Aldi cookware sale, you can buy this French Pan for $26.99. What is a French Pan? I have NFI. But I want one:

Or a 3.7L Dutch Oven for $24.99, which always makes me giggle. But Dutch Ovens are genuinely so handy when you wanna make soup for 40 people and freeze it all, and then your freezer overflows.


Cast iron frypan from Aldi for a chill $17.99, anyone?


The cast iron cookware Special Buys are on sale next weekend, Saturday 30th May. As with everything Aldi Special Buys, you’ll have to be a quick lil’ bugger or you’ll likely miss out – it’s always limited stock.