ALDI Is Doing $6.99 Truffle Mushies Next Week Which Prob Makes ’Em Cheaper Than Lettuce TBH

aldi truffle special buys july

Hello all you thrifty binches out there, I know you all love a good deal when you sniff one out so you’ll be stoked to know that ALDI has done it again with the bougie-on-a-budget energy.

Next month’s special buys hold a delicious little treat: yummy little preserved black truffle mushrooms. How much for, you ask? Under 10 bucks, my penny-pinching pal.

Jars of the delicious little morsels of umami yummies are going for $6.99 a pop which feels outrageously… illegal? Somehow we are in a timeline where expensive truffle mushrooms are cheaper than lettuce? Unbelievable.

The little treats will hit the sacred and chaotic middle aisle from Wednesday, July 6. It’s the first time they’ve been back since their pre-Christmas appearance. That means you can absolutely snarfle out an incredibly good mushie deal and tizzy up every meal for the next month. Truffle goes on everything, right?


Woohoo Aldi just made this available again! Can’t believe you can get truffle for $6.99! #placesinsydney #aldi #truffle #truffles #aldifinds #finds

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If you’re really keen for a bougie blowout this weekend, you can also pick yourself up a matching jar of Burgundy Truffle Salsa for $6.99 as well. If you really want to impress your housemates, main squeeze, parents, pets and/or plants, you can grab yourself a pasta maker for $24.99 and go all out for a decadent dinner.

Or you could cop nearly a kilo of Nutella for $8.99. Perhaps a new espresso machine for $179 is just what nonna ordered? The eating world is truly your oyster in July. You could put on a full Italiano spaghetti disco with everything from ALDI’s special buys section.

Out eternal thanks to the sacred middle aisle for blessing our lives yet again.