Aldi Have An Actual Sofa Bed In Their Special Buys This Week, And Not A Bad One Either

aldi sofa

Aldi Special Buys are always full of excellent random stuff you wanna throw money at, but every few weeks there’s something particularly spicy. Like this Aldi sofa, that looks far more expensive than it is.

[jwplayer TbIvUgrd]

The sofa is part of Aldi’s Special Buys for the 10th August – yes, this weekend. It’s $299, and comes in a grey and a cream.

As you can see, the sofa folds flat, turning it into a bed for a) watching TV hungover and/or b) your mate to sleep on after kick-ons.

It’s got a solid wood frame, and something called a “simple click-clack mechanism” that turns it into the sofa above.

If you’re keen to purchase one for your pad, you’ll need to take a strong mate with you – the Aldi sofa is 43kg, and they recommend you bring a trolley with you to collect it in-store.

Aside from the schmick sofa, there’s also some primo boxing gear on sale – which excites me, the person who did one (1) boxing class last weekend and has decided it’ll be her “thing”.

This tower is $129.99 and you can add the boxing bag for a chill $30! Hello new rig, amirite?