Last week I wrote about The Iconic’s new dog range, and thoroughly enjoyed forcing everyone in a one-metre vicinity to look at tiny denim dog vests. Today, however, I’m writing about tiny dog sofas. Tiny. Dog. Sofas.

Aldi’s Pampered Pets Special Buys hits shelves Saturday, 21 March, and features a whole slew of adorable pet furniture. There’s the pet sofa in both small and large, memory foam mats, toys, snacks, and a cat nook. I love all of these, but I just – I cannot get over the tiny sofas.

Look at this.

Aldi | Small Pet Sofa $59.99

It also comes in this chic colour.

The small pet sofa, suited for pups up to 15kg, will set you back $59.99. That blanket you see draped over the basket in the background also features in the range. It comes in three colours, and will retail for $9.99.

As an aside, I will absolutely come home drunk one night and try and sit in the tiny couch. It is SO small. It genuinely looks very comfortable though, not going to lie.

Aldi | Large Pet Sofa $99.99

This big boy (the couch, not the dog) is best suited to pets up to 45kg. Yes, it’ll cost you a cool $99.99, but you can’t put a price on love. You just can’t.

Saturday, 21 March – lock it in. Also, the range is available until stocks last… which is not very long… from experience.

In the meantime, The Iconic’s pet range is available online. It’s all extremely fancy stuff, I tell you what. Brands include Paul Smith, R.M. Williams, Filson, Driza-Bone, Sebastian Says, and PETHAUS. By fancy, I mean there’s a Paul Smith dog leash on sale for $161, down from [checks site] $230. BOUGIE.

Image: Aldi