Aldi’s Bringing Back Their Famous Pet Collection Including This Ridiculous Couch

We already told you that Aldi are bringing out a bloody CHURROS maker next month, but there’s more boonta news from the supermarket lords we need to discuss. Like the fact their iconic pets collection is back as part of March Special Buys. Yes, including the couch.

[jwplayer THRECMBV]

We need to discuss the couch specifically, because any dog or cat that’s pampered into oblivion REQUIRES this. They REQUIRE a couch to take their naps on, OK? You’re a terrible dog/cat parent if you don’t have one – fact.

Obviously, there are pet outfits on offer. Again – if your dog is not waltzing around this autumn/winter in a little doggy jumper, even though they have fur and their fur is naturally designed to keep their bodies warm…. YOU’RE A MONSTER.

There’s toys galore, like this thing that will entertain my new puppy for about 3 days before she deems it unworthy of her attention.

So I’ll also get her this one – it’s a ball! But it’s also a soft toy! There’s an ELEPHANT FACE ON A BALL!

Maybe you want to wrap your pet up in a binky little blankie? Why am I talking in baby voice? Because look at this thing!

LITTLE FUZZY WUZZY BLANKIE FOR THE LITTLE BABY PET. Oh god I’m so sorry. I need to stop looking at cute pet things.

All the stuff (there’s also collars, leads, more toys, other things you probably don’t need but now absolutely must have) will be on sale as part of Aldi’s Special Buys Wednesday, March 6th drop.