Aldi Australia are cheeky little buggers aren’t they. They’re always dropping items you absolutely don’t need, and yet definitely want with all your heart and soul. The latest? A churros maker.

Fun zesty aside, the last time I went to Aldi when they had Special Buys, I bought an esky, a self-inflating mat for camping which I never, ever do, and a fishing chair. I don’t fish. That is the power of Aldi.

ANYWAY! You want to hear about the churros maker. And hear about the churros maker you will. It’ll be part of their March 2nd Special Buys collection, and as with all Special Buys – you’ll need to get in QUICK to guarantee ownership.

They’re *meant* to be healthier than the deep fried version you usually find around the traps, but let’s be real – you’re gonna douse that baby with cinnamon sugar and eat 10 of them so don’t get too excited for your health, OK?

The churros maker is priced at $24.99, which is dirt cheap for an appliance IMO and totally makes it worth your while – even if you use it once before banishing it to the back of your kitchen cupboard forever.