Just Gonna Say It: We Need To Bring Back Spontaneously Cold Calling Your Besties/Lovers/Fam

In 2023, everything that can be automated, optimised or organised can be done so without question. This, my friends, is boring as shit and not how we should continue living our lives. Take a risk. Do something crazy. How? Well, you can start by ~cold calling~ your bestie, your lover or even your mum. That’s right. Zero warning.

If you’ve never had the urge to call someone spontaneously without first texting them, “hey, can I call you”, you’ve been missing out big time.

I get it. Over the past decade, there’s been a general trend of folks pulling away from cold calling.

Gen Z and Millenials would sooner die than have to call someone when texting is an option.

But as we’ve seen with the resurgence of vinyl records, wired headphones and flip phones over their technologically evolved rivals – efficiency isn’t always the more authentic and enjoyable solution.

We’ve all heard the phrase “social media is making us less social”, or something to that effect. And it’s true!

But the one means of technologically-enabled communication that has stayed the same ever since its invention, without ever a thought for squeezing your attention spans any longer than it has to for profits, is the good old fashioned phone call.

No emojis. No GIFS. No memes. Just you and the person you’re calling. Weaving a yarn that would make even the most experienced Lincraft employee jealous.

And I get it. There are so many reasons to not cold call someone. They might not pick up, they could be in a meeting or even have no cell signal.

But like, who cares? Lol.

The worst that can happen is either a) they text you one of those auto-generated “sorry, I can’t talk right now texts. Or b) they don’t pick up and then end up just calling you back later.

Chill out, dude.

Especially if you’re like me and you’ve personalised all the contact photos and nicknames of your besties in your phone, the joy of seeing one of their faces pop up next to their stupid nickname you thought of that one time on a night out, is unparalleled.

So next time you’ve got to spill some tea, invite someone out, or tell them a ferociously bad knock-knock joke – just call!

If you’re good pals, I promise it won’t make them think you’re weirder than they already think you are.