This TikToker Only Takes A Flip Phone On Nights Out & Her Reasoning Is Actually Kind Of Genius

A TikToker has revealed why she exclusively takes a flip phone on her nights out. Honestly this is the life hack I needed to stop posting embarrassing stuff online while bevved.

BRB, rooting through my parents’ junk drawer to try and find my old Nokia 2660.

TikToker Sammy AKA @skzzolno shared a video dedicated to the flip phone life and explained why exactly she loves it for nights out.

The TikTok has clocked more than 1.7 million likes by the time of writing so clearly, people are keen on the idea.

“We realised that every single problem we have on a night out — everything that leads to us crying, everything that leads to us having a bad hook up, everything that leads to us having a bad time — stems from us having our phones when we’re out,” Sammy said.

According to Sammy, the idea was inspired by a friend who never takes uses her phone on nights out. She said the pal was always “in the present moment” and able to make friends while clubbing.

Sammy and her group of friends realised using a flip phone instead of a smart phone “eliminated” things like accidentally drunkenly posting stuff online or DMing, but still let you connect with people.

“The photos and videos on this are fire,” she added.

My 14-year-old self’s grainy AF phone camera would disagree but hey, maybe other people have cracked the flip phone code.

In the video Sammy explained she loved calling people via her flip phone on a night out. I mean yes, you can do this on an iPhone too but I supposed that doesn’t have the same nostalgia factor.

She said her dream was for people to get on board and create a community where they “only have each other’s flip phone numbers” on their respective flip phones.

@skzzolno Replying to @saraahhhyo literally everyone needs a flip phone in their life #BRINGBACKFLIPPHONES #college #goingout #collegelifehack #flipphone #y2kaesthetic ♬ original sound – skzzolno

While I love the vision, I do have some qualms. You better believe I’d have at least three emergency contact numbers and a taxi on speed dial just in case.

In another video Sammy explained she didn’t really have to worry about Ubering because she lives in a college city where you can walk everywhere. So obviously the flip phone plan does have some limitations, especially if you’re living in a big city or somewhere without good taxi access.

But the idea of removing the temptation to drunkenly Instagram, or to sit on Twitter in the pub toilets instead of having fun? It’s very appealing.

I just know the YK Depop girlies are getting ready to flog an overpriced 2009 phone as we speak.