Daniel Day-Lewis Snapped On A Subway Using A Flip Phone Is Very 2004 Areas

Daniel Day-Lewis is a retired actor, and retirement seems to be going pretty well for him by all accounts.

The acclaimed 60-year-old performer has slipped into regular life so seamlessly that it had many people joking out loud that he was merely conducting immersive research for an upcoming role where he plays a retired actor.

But as it turns out he’s enjoying everyday life nowadays, doing ordinary normal things like riding the subway and using his… flip phone.

We all knew Danny Day was curiously technology-averse; Paul Thomas Anderson revealed that Day-Lewis used a flip phone in a February interview, but now we have the receipts. And oh boy, is it ever good.

Twitter user Karen Han made the rare in-the-wild spotting of Daniel By-God Day-Lewis on her NYC subway, gifting unto the world this glorious image of old mate legitimately busying himself with what appears to be a bog-standard Motorola Razr.

Look at that. Absolutely get around the great man. Still plugging away clicking 5 three times just to type an L. Magnificent stuff.

Needless to say the frothing on said image has been particularly bubbly.


He. Drinks. Your. Data plan.

He drinks it up.