Just Gonna Say It: Nothing Will Be As Satisfying As Snapping Shut A Flip Phone

We’re all suckers for satisfaction. Be it slime videos, seeing bottles rolled down flights of stairs, or hydraulic presses crushing sweet treats. Hell, The Rolling Stones wrote an entire song about the angst of not getting satisfaction.

Some very clever or terminally online folks might already know that this is thanks to our body releasing serotonin to relieve stress.

Keep this in mind when I tell you that nothing will ever be as satisfying as snap-shutting a flip phone. Your first kiss, graduating from uni, walking your children down the aisle, flipping a bottle that lands. These don’t even come close to the satisfying relief that comes that opening and closing a flip phone.

The light tension when lifting the top half, and instant relief from closing it. The serotonin release is addictive. The hours I spent mindlessly opening and closing my flip phone growing up while in a meditative state, studying or mid-conversation. When phones weren’t allowed in class, I’d even cheat on my phone by pushing and retracting a USB because I needed something else to fidget with.

It was even a staple in classic films from the early 2000s whenever they needed to communicate how a character felt about a conversation. Are they angry? DRAMATIC SHUT. Did they just arrange a date with their crush? An enthusiastic shut. Did a Dad just say goodnight to their child? Slow, sentimental close – I can give hundreds of examples, I went to film school. But why is this the case? Why is such a simple fidget a universal joy?

The answer, like everything in life, lies in human psychology. Our brains love to fidget as it can help us manage stress and provide a mental break.

I’m not sure if it’s because I grew up playing the drums, the many cups of coffee I have a day, or the general stress of life weighing me down, but I have chronic leg syndrome. According to scientific reports, however, they would argue that shaking my leg could be a sign of self-regulation. By shaking my leg, not only am I keeping time with a beat, but I’m also helping to boost or lower my attention to either calm or energise myself.

Let’s cast our minds to some of the most satisfying feelings in the world. Peeling glue, opening a jar, dropping the squat bar back onto the rack – a lot of these have to deal with tension and release. The same could be said for a lot of different mediums that bring us joy. Music is written with tension (buildups) and release (chorus or breakdown). Film and TV have scenes that establish a conflict that is usually resolved, usually with a climax.

Going back to my example of people in movies dramatically closing their flip phones after a call, that’s a form of stress relief. Or even dramatically opening it like Channing Tatum famously does in She’s The Man. It’s probably why people yelling at the screen in movies doesn’t have the same dramatic effect it used to. Nothing takes the wind out of an argument than the awkward silence of someone rushing to hit the “hang-up” button. Flipping a phone shut or slamming the phone into the holder? That’s a quick and decisive action.

The flip phone is having a cultural comeback for a bunch of different reasons. Phones are getting bigger and bulkier making them harder to fit in your pocket, but also there’s a market interested in an alternative phone design than the traditional smartphone look. And most importantly, Gen Z has been obsessed with satisfying stimulations.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is one such phone. Not only is the new phone stacked with high-end tech that makes for a unique mobile experience, but you can also open and close it for countless hours.

The Galaxy Z Flip5 also has a slimmer and zero-gap hinge, making the device thinner when folded and oh, how much you will fold it. What also makes the Galaxy Flip5 unique is its Flex Window design, which is a screen powered by Samsung’s One UI 5. Wanna check the time without opening your phone, checking your calendar or quickly calling a friend? You easily can.

If you’ve been eager to relive the Gossip Girl or Breaking Bad phase of the cell phone era, or people keep telling you off for shaking the table with your restless leg syndrome, then consider picking up a Galaxy Z Flip 5.

Image credit: Gossip Girl