Prepare To Snap Your Phone Shut Now That Samsung Is Bringing The Galaxy Z Flip To Australia

Remember flip phones? They’re back! In smartphone form!

Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Z Flip in San Francisco last month, and it’s now headed to our shores to join the recently-relaunched Motorola Razr.

Unlike your flip phone from 2008, the Galaxy Z Flip has a huge 6.7 inch screen but can still fold into the size of a wallet. It’s also got all the usual smartphone features that would make your teen self’s jaw drop.

The phone packs a 10 MP selfie camera, but get this: because it folds, you can actually use the main 12 MP camera to take selfies and view yourself on the external screen. The future is now.

Another photog trick is that the phone doesn’t need a tripod. Just unfold it half way, place it on a flat surface, and you’re good to go.

It’s a form factor that keeps on giving, and it’s all thanks to what Samsung is calling a “freestop folding hinge”. Essentially, this means that the phone will be able to stay open at any angle without slamming shut.

“We have harnessed the potential of this foldable category, creating new ways to connect,” said Garry McGregor, Vice President of IT and Mobile at Samsung Australia.

He added that the phone has already sold out in several markets, but never fear, because preorders for Australia open this Friday. Otherwise, the phone will also be available in stores from April 3 for a cool $2,199.

Just last year, Samsung released one of the first foldable smartphones, but that bendy screen turned out to be extremely fragile. Now they’ve ironed out the kinks, and this is the result.

After all these years, it’s nice to relive the nostalgia of flipping off the haters on your shiny new phone. Now we can do so while browsing Instagram too.