Aussie Influencer Drops IG Story After Allegedly Being Overheard ‘Bitching’ At The Hairdresser

Emma Claiir, AKA the influencer who was soaked in controversy after confessing that she accidentally killed two cats as a child, has found herself in some fresh hot water after she was allegedly overheard “bitching about breastfeeding mums” in a hair salon.

Lord, give me patience.

In a screenshot from spicy influencer overlord, @dutchminty, an anonymous submission can be seen spilling the tea on a rather eventful hair appointment featuring someone who clearly cannot use their indoor voice.

(Source: Instagram / @dutchminty)

“She was overheard saying how mums who breastfeed create needy and attached kids who won’t go to anyone else or settle with anyone else and how formula is heaps better because ‘you can just chuck your kid to anyone for a feed’,” the anonymous submission wrote.

“She was super loud, so it’s not like she was hiding her opinion on it.”

Ugh, yikes.

Of course, Claiir responded to the anonymous submission with a wild wall of text on her Instagram Stories.

“Here we go again… another desperate bitch changing my words and making me sound like a horrible person. This person was sitting at the hairdresser I was at and she clearly has nothing better to do with her time. How fucking sad for her and embarrassing for her!”, she wrote.

“Not that I have to explain myself but I was not ‘bitching’ about breastfeeding mums.”

Ah, the irony of saying that you don’t need to explain yourself before launching into an entire chronicle about it. Here we go.

“In my experience… bubbas who are breastfed are way more connected and feel a need to be with their mums all the time because they are essentially their food source as well.

“Whereas with Jetty, I can leave him with anyone and know he is happy to be fed by anyone, held by anyone and is okay to be away from me at times. I truly believe this is a reason why Jett is so confident around others and happy to spend all day out.”

Claiir gave birth to her son two months ago.

She continued: “If this makes me a bad person for saying this and talking from my own experience from what I’ve seen through my friends then so fucking be it hahah!”

“People are so desperate for me to fuck up these days it’s actually becoming laughable at this point,” she wrote, seemingly referencing the backlash she copped after confessing that she accidentally killed two cats as a child.

ICYMI: the confession came after Claiir was asked to share a personal secret on her podcast, to which she revealed: “I killed my cat.”

“I was swinging my cat around. Like, I was thinking it was just a stuffed toy. And I accidentally let go of it.”

She later slammed critics and said the story was “twisted” and “manipulated”.

And while the whole shit fight might’ve been a lesson in learning to say less or choose your words more wisely, it still seems like Claiir is willing to say kinda cooked stuff, then proceed to blame people for being understandably upset by it.

She finished her breastfeeding thesis with a bang. “If you can’t even let me have an innocent conversation in public without twisting my words then you’re a pretty horrible person that has no life,” she wrote.

“Also just wanna mention a lot of my friends breastfed and they are killing the game so keep trying babe to make a bad person but you’re gonna have to try harder than that!”


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