From Influencers Faking Content To Reality Stars Misbehaving, Here’s All The Wild SITG Tea

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Another Splendour in the Grass festival is done and dusted and there’s no doubt that this one will be talked about for a very long time.

First of all ‘cos of the muddy sitch, but also ‘cos of all the celebrity/influencer goss that came from it.

In addition to the scores of muddy folks who descended upon the Byron festival, there were also a slew of celebrities and influencers.

The lucky celebs were invited to attend a “once in a lifetime” party at the 120-acre property owned by muso Angus Stone.

The exclusive VIP event had a guest list stacked with the “most influential names in music and fashion”.

“We were inspired by the Coachella parties,” Glenn Coleman, the founder of Melbourne fashion label Nana Judy and host of the event, was overheard saying, according to

“Wait until you see it. It’s a wonderland.”

“We’re expecting two Hemsworths,” he allegedly promised, but sadly, there wasn’t a Hemsworth in sight. It would appear that they got wind of the shitshow the festival had become and bailed on the party. Either that or they were never attending to begin with.

As the day rolled on and not a single Hemsworth materialised, the organiser was overheard saying: “Liam and Luke said they were coming,” before “frantically” trying to call them once again.

“Yeah, yeah. They said they’re coming,” Coleman was overheard saying, adding: “But Alex Hayes is here… from Celebrity Apprentice.”

The site added that “the biggest celebrity guest in attendance” was Margot Robbie’s brother.

“A heap of the Love Island guys are also here,” another organiser said. “And people from The Bachelor.”

Which ones, you ask?

“Ah… from a few seasons ago.”

But wait, that’s not the only celebri-tea that went down (see what I did there?).

Apparently Big Brother 2020 winner Chad Hurst was there and he was “a total dick,” said one unnamed patron.

“He’s a full-blown douche bag. He’s the worst. He thinks the sun shines out of his fucking ass,” they allegedly said.

In a statement to, Coleman has denied that the party was a shitshow.

“The reporter kept asking me throughout the event for list of names for his article, so I advised him the PR agency advised me the Hemsworths were on the list,” he said.

“The reporter kept asking me multiple times through the event so with his request I texted the PR agency for an update that is all. There was nothing more to it.

“We had many important guests present and the guests had a wonderful time. With the weather how it was, there are multiple changes to the list as you can appreciate.

“No celebrity determines the success of our event from all reports the guests had an amazing time, you can see that from the video footage.”

But wait, that’s still not all.

There’s another wild report doing the rounds via, claiming that several influencers faked attending Splendour in the Grass for the ~clout~.

Apparently at the aforementioned party, Love Island contestant Emily Ward was overheard saying: “I flew up from Melbourne but I don’t have a ticket! I’m not going! I’m here for the parties!”

An insider from an influencer agency claimed that a bunch of influencers have been flown up to make it appear that they’re attending the festival.

“They’re not going to Splendour,” the insider said of the “the tsunami of social media personalities who’d descended on the town”.

“They make you think they’re going to Splendour and wearing heels there. But they’re not doing either.

“They’re all pretending. It’s all an illusion. None of them are paid [to be in town for Splendour]. For them, it’s enough to be given the opportunity to come and be seen.”

It’s been alleged that a group of influencers were shipped to an $8 million mansion.

There, they were asked to take selfies in cute outfits and post them with the SITG hashtag to make it appear like they were attending the festival.

“Their days started at 8am. One-by-one, they each filed into the living room for a 30-minute styling session where they were transformed with hair, makeup and a new outfit to ensure they looked their best for the day’s social media posts,” the report read.

One unnamed influencer likened the situation to being in “a jail.”

Meanwhile influencer Jami Knight revealed some of the gang “snuck out at 11.30am.”

“Fuck Splendour! I’m not standing in the mud – I’m going to Byron to my friend’s restaurant!” an unnamed male influencer said. “I’m calling my dad!”

I can’t decide what would be worse, being locked up with a bunch of influencers and forced to fake #content or being stuck in the mud with the huge-ass crowds.