With the endless conversation and debate and videos and articles about marriage equality in this country, it is sometimes easy to get distracted by all of the things that the no side of the debate try to throw out, in order to delay progress. They make outrageous claims, and lie, and call us names, and while the LBGTQI community is busy fighting back against all of that, everyone becomes distracted from the very basic concept at the base of all this. The simple idea that love is love.

The Australian Marriage Equality group has released a video that gets back to this truth. It’s a simple video based around a campaign called ‘ring your rellos’, but it’s an extremely effective concept. It features a woman called Lisa, who is in a relationship with a woman called Hayley. Lisa calls her grandmother to discuss something she has never brought up before, namely the upcoming postal survey on marriage equality.

It touches on a few very important things. One, that love overpowers everything, including religion. Two, that LGBTQI people are brave as fuck, simply by living their lives. Three, that people find it very difficult to be bigoted if they know and love a queer person. And lastly, that you (yes you), can absolutely make a difference in this campaign, by calling friends and relatives that you know might be on the fence about the issue, or explaining to ambivalent people why it’s important they return their ballot with a yes vote.

If I haven’t convinced you, watch Lisa talk to her grandmother. Just keep in mind the headline was not a joke, I literally cried at my desk.

So it’s time to stop texting or trying out new filters, and actually use your phone for its intended purpose. Time to Ring Your Rellos.

Image: Australian Marriage Equality