FOR-THE-LOVE-OF-GOD. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to come at The Rock on Twitter. He will ruin you. It will be merciless. You will not be able to recover from it.

In this latest example of being helplessly rumbled by an extremely large man, verified Twitter user James McMahon attempts to go The Great One over, of all things, the way a video game mechanic was depicted in The Rock’s latest box office annihilator, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

McMahon, as the story goes, took umbrage with Jumanji‘s depiction of a player losing a life in the film, only to be respawned immediately while still in possession of a key quest item. Observe:

It’s a gripe that is, we cannot stress this enough, pure nerd bullshit. In fact, here’s an artist’s representation of McMahon voicing his concern aloud.

The Rock Absolutely Wrecked Some Goon Who Tried To Shittalk ‘Jumanji’

Problem is he also invoked The Rock in his tirade, and as anyone who’s ever been on Twitter will know, The Rock has no time for the pissy whinings of a Twitter user getting all up in his mentions.

The response? Swift. Decisive. And thoroughly brutal.

You just… how do you even come back from that? That’s a merciless beatdown. That’s a rolling more thorough than the The Rock put on the Brooklyn Brawler on Monday Night Raw circa 2000.

As is custom for any Rock-related Twitter beatdown, the reactions came in swift, fast, and in GIF form.

McMahon, for his part, at least attempted to take the whole thing in stride and made a feeble attempt at owning his own rinsing.

But good lord, do not come at The Rock online and DEFINITELY don’t do it if your surname is McMahon.

He’s wrecked many a McMahon before and he’ll gladly do it again.

Image: Getty Images / Jesse Grant